6 Months Paid P+I With the SBA!

With the SBA emergency lending programs getting so much attention, everyone has lost sight of the incredible value of the usual SBA loans.

On top of that, the SBA gets a bum rap for a difficult and complicated process. Work smart, not hard. The secret is to team with specialized partners!

Here are the many benefits that are available to you:

  • flexible solutions for growing, profitable businesses

  • 7a loans up to $5M, 504 loans up to $10M

  • turn-key, personal service with deep experience in SBA lending

  • our SBA Preferred Lender reduces SBA involvement and reduces processing time

  • its underwriters have individual credit authority up to $2M with team approval for larger loans

  • SBA 7a loans can have multiple uses in one loan (real estate purchases, debt refinance, equipment purchases, franchise finance, working capital)

  • flexible down payments, longer amortizations, low monthly payments, friendly pre-payment terms

  • fully amortized with no balloon payments, call provisions or financial covenants

  • loan amounts $500,000 to $5,000,000

  • financing available for most industry types including: industrial, manufacturing, office, medical/professional, retail, hotels, gas stations/convenience stores, franchise restaurants, and more

On top of all this, you now have an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! For a time-limited period (funding before Sept. 27) the SBA is making your P+I payments for the first 6 months!! What's not to like? Book an appointment now!

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