Free Business Lines With Credit Education!

Having a mentor is a great way to start in business but no one has ever had a credit coach!

That’s the problem of business credit education - it hasn’t existed!

Through no fault of their own, many people in small business lack understanding of financing - how to create and manage personal and business credit to maximize borrowing capacity. They have paid the price with repeated loan application refusals, worsening credit, high costs, and missed opportunities.

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and established business people to assist with financing. The commonest problem I see is over-extended personal credit so it’s tough to get a loan for marketing, new hires, inventory, equipment, expansion or acquisition.

Business finance education has never been provided in a comprehensive, systematic, easy-to-learn format in one place. So it’s no surprise that many people have deteriorating credit due to high utilization and excessive inquiries. Often, there is no business credit in place at all.

You can now benefit from a new training program which provides you a customized business finance plan, builds your personal and business credit, and gives you access to business lines without a funding fee.

Enjoy this powerful learning opportunity with 12 online modules, coaching from personal and business credit consultants, and consulting with your own business financial strategist. Follow your custom business finance plan, complete each strategy at the right time in the right way, and watch your credit flourish.

The ROI for investing in yourself is massive. Your company's enhanced business credit is an asset and you will save time, money and aggravation.

If you have had trouble finding the financing that you need, book your call now. Let’s discuss your business needs and how to reach your goals easier, faster and safer. Cheers!

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